1. Features:

    An innovative slow filtration system for the sustainable removal of yellowness

    Marine yellowness such as humic acid is formed during the decomposition of biological material and absorbs blue light. An aquarium that is free of organic substances that color the water lets light penetrate unfiltered so that the corals and the plants can benefit from the improved light penetration. The aquarist can enjoy the plants and corals in the aquarium in their full natural colors. To combat substances that turn aquarium water yellow Tropic Marin® has developed the ELIMI-CONTROL CARBON filter.

    The Tropic Marin® ELIMI-CONTROL CARBON filter set is a slow filter system for the sustained and particularly effective removal of yellowness. The system comprises a pump and a replaceable filter cartridge filled with activated carbon, which can be used, replaced and extended with ease, independent of other filter systems. The individually-adjustable through-flow and highly-effective active carbon sustainably reduce the concentration of yellow and other pollutants in the aquarium water.

  2. Benefits:

    Highly efficient activated carbon to combat yellow matter and harmful substances
    Powerful capacity for adsorbing substances
    For an optimum light availability in the aquarium
    Designed for aquariums holding up 600 l / 160 US-gal net of water volume
    Can be expanded with the special additional cartridges to fit large aquariums of any size
    Corals, plants and fish and bring out their natural colors
  3. How to use:

    For a sustainable elimination of yellow matter it has turned out to be of great benefit when the flow rate through the active carbon is 1 % of the aquarium volume per hour, about 6 l/h / 1.58 US-gal/h at a maximum.

    Exception: The use of ELIMI-CONTROL CARBON to remove medicinal substances. The butterfly valve can be opened all the way in this instance. It takes about 36 – 48 hours to completely remove the medicinal substances from a 600 l (160 gal.) aquarium. It takes less time accordingly with smaller aquaria. You should then replace the disposable filter and the flow rate should be reduced to the values mentioned above.

    Experience suggests replacing the cartridge every 8 weeks at the latest. There is no specific test available but you can check for yellow tint in the water by dipping a white dish plate halfway into the aquarium. Then look at the plate through the aquarium. The bottom half of the dipped plate will look yellowish if the water has a yellow tint.

    Packing Contents of the ELIMI-CONTROL CARBON filter set:
    – 1 x 12 V pump with cable set and adapter for 4/6 mm and a power supply unit
    – 1 x disposable cartridge filled with Tropic Marin® CARBON (highly efficient activated carbon)
    – 1 x drain hose; 1 x butterfly valve; 3 x suction cup holders for mounting the filter set

    We recommend replacing a used filter cartridge by an ELIMI-CONTROL CARBON Replacement Cartridge.

    We recommend expanding the ELIMI-CONTROL Basis Set by one or several ELIMI-CONTROL Additional Cartridge without pumps for basins that hold more than 600 liters as well as for smaller aquaria that have to endure severe water stress. The supplement cartridges have two hose nipples for filling or draining with water and can be connected to the standard cartridge and the pump.

    Please also refer to the instruction manual for ELIMI-CONTROL FILTER SET.

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    Filter set                                        53002

    Additional Cartridge                      53012

    Replacement Cartridge                 53022