SunaECO 1500 Tropic

  1. Features:

    Compact 24-watt lighting unit for freshwater aquariums.

    The latest Cree® XB-D LEDs enable wide dispersion of brightness with the SunaECO 1500 Tropic (6,500 K), while requiring little energy. Even wide aquariums can be brightly lit due to the large lighting angle. With sufficient water movement, shimmering light reflections will have the aquarium dwellers look even more vivid and graceful. When compared to a conventional lamp, the lighting performance relative to the energy used is significantly improved. Also suitable for smaller tanks and nano aquariums due to its compact shape.

    The modular MMS installation system can be used for fastening and extending the square LED module. The lamp can also be dimmed and controlled using the SunaECO controller. (Further information can be found under “Accessories“). The housing is splash-proof. A 3-year guarantee is offered on all SunaECO modules (1-year guarantee on the power supply unit).

  2. Models available:

    SunaECO 1500 Tropic (6,500 K)
    Freshwater lamp with white LEDs for bright aquarium lighting.

  3. Technical specifications:

    SunaECO 1500 Tropic
    - Dimensions: 198 mm x 198 mm x 47 mm (LxWxH)
    – Weight: 1.3 kg
    – Power: 24 W
    – Dispersion angle: 120°
    – Color temperature: 6,500 K
    – Total luminous flux: 2058 lumens
    – PAR value: 148 μE/sec/m2
    - 10 white Cree® XB-D-LEDs
    – Energy efficiency category A to A++

  4. Item                                          Art-N°

    SunaECO 1500 Tropic                      69119