SunaECO 600 NUV

  1. Features:

    Many coral varieties are admired and nurtured due to their fluorescent pigments. With the SunaECO 600 NUV as supplementary LED lighting for seawater tanks this opulent colour can be considerably enhanced. With a wavelength of 410 nm, the 12 W lighting strip has a blue-violet light that borders directly on the UV range. The energy-rich, short wave rays stimulate fluorescent pigments in the tissue of the coral, with these in turn emitting long waves, visible light. The subsequent optical illumination is perceived as a particularly intensive, glowing colour (fluorescent effect). In combination with dark ambient lighting, the result is spectacular colour scenarios. A SunaECO NUV lighting strip is sufficient to illuminate aquariums with a liquid capacity of up to 600 l. The light is harmless for people and animals.

    The modular MMS installation system can be used for fastening and extending the SunaECO light bar. These light bars can also be dimmed and controlled using the SunaECO controller. Further information can be found under “Accessories“. Tropic Marin® offers a 3-year guarantee on all SunaECO modules (1-year guarantee on the power supply unit).

  2. Models available:

    SunaECO 600 NUV (410 nm peak wavelength)
    Seawater lamp with blue-violet light to enhance the fluorescence and pigmentation of corals.

  3. Technical specifications:

    SunaECO 600 NUV
    – Dimensions: 468 mm x 54 mm x 28 mm (LxWxH)
    – Weight: 0.45 kg
    – Power: 12 W
    – Dispersion angle: 120°
    – Peak wavelength: 410 nm
    – 5 Semi-LEDs (blue-violet)
    – Energy efficiency category A to A++

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    single pack:
    SunaECO 600 NUV                              69050