SunaECO MiniLED Marine

  1. Features:

    Compact LED module for nano freshwater aquariums.

    Very vivid and seemingly natural aquarium lighting due to the creation of dynamic, shimmering light reflections. Extremely high luminous efficiency due to specially aligned lighting direction and highly efficient light distribution due to complete dispersion of the light into the aquarium. The well-balanced color spectrum with a proportion of blue light corresponds to natural lighting conditions and helps to improve the coloring, growth rate and the well-being of aquarium inhabitants. The white LEDs can be separately controlled for the creation of blue “moonlight”. There is no disturbing noise from fans and minimum thermal radiation into the water of the aquarium. With only 145 mm by 145 mm wide, specifically for nano freshwater aquariums.

    The modular MMS installation system can be used for fastening and extending the square LED module. The lamp can also be dimmed and controlled using the SunaECO controller. (Further information can be found under “Accessories“). The housing is splash-proof. A 3-year guarantee is offered on all SunaECO modules (1-year guarantee on the power supply unit).

  2. Models available:

    SunaECO MiniLED Marine
    Seawater lamp for nano aquariums.

  3. Technical specifications:

    SunaECO MiniLED Marine
    - Dimensions: 145 mm x 145 mm x 33 mm (LxWxH)
    – Weight: 0.5 kg
    – Power: 11 W
    – Dispersion angle: 60°
    – Color temperature: 10,000 K
    – Total luminous flux: 724 lumens
    – PAR value: 143 μE/sec/m2
    - 4 white Cree® XP-E LEDs
    – 1 blue Cree® XP-E LED
    – Energy efficiency category A to A++

  4. Item                                              Art-N°

    SunaECO MiniLED Marine                    69035