Further Accessories

  1. Features:

    The MMS offers additional useful accessories for the arrangement of lighting that is easy to use and looks tidy in any space.

    If connection cables are too short of if there’s a mess of cables, the MMS extension lead and the MMS cable spiral wrap can remedy the situation.

  2. Models available:

    MMS extension lead
    For extending the SunaECO connecting cables to the power supply unit or the controller..

    MMS cable spiral wrap
    To combine multiple cables. Any length can be shortened.

  3. Technical specifications:

    MMS extension lead
    - Length 300 cm
    – With USB and DC Plug

    MMS cable spiral wrap
    - Length 400 cm
    – Made of plastic

  4. Item                                   Art.N°

    MMS extension lead                 70539

    MMS cable spiral wrap             70535