SunaECO 600 Tropic and Marine White

  1. Features:

    The latest generation of SunaECO light bars is equipped with state-of-the-art LEDs.

    The electronic components of the new, elegantly designed SunaECO 600 lamps meet the requirements for a high protection class against moisture (IP 67). Optimised drainage slots also ensure even better protection against condensation water. SunaECO 600 modules continue to be available in different colors of light and achieve higher overall performance.

    All SunaECO 600 models provide for uniform distribution of light due to their dispersion angle of 120°. The distinct lighting design of SunaECO models creates shimmering light reflections with sufficient water movement, even in freshwater tanks. This boosts the vibrancy and natural beauty of the aquarium. The operating costs are kept low with a luminous power of 12 watts, while low-voltage operation ensures a high level of safety. The inhabitants of the aquarium will benefit from virtually loss-free lighting, which is evidenced by high PAR values even in deeper aquarium zones.

    The modular MMS installation system can be used for fastening and extending the SunaECO light bar. These light bars can also be dimmed and controlled using the SunaECO controller. Further information can be found under “Accessories“. Tropic Marin® offers a 3-year guarantee on all SunaECO modules (1-year guarantee on the power supply unit).

  2. Models available:

    The following light colors are available as single or double packs:

    SunaECO 600 Tropic (6,500 K)
    Freshwater lamp with 5 white Cree® XB-D-LEDs for natural daylight in an aquarium. Enjoy watching fish in their true-to-life colors and plants growing optimally.

    SunaECO 600 Marine White (14,000 K)
    Freshwater lamp with a low proportion of blue light for improved color representation, growth, and well-being of the aquarium inhabitants.

  3. Technical specifications:

    SunaECO 600 Tropic
    - Dimensions: 468 mm x 54 mm x 28 mm (LxWxH)
    – Weight: 0.45 kg
    – Power: 12 W
    – Dispersion angle: 120°
    – Color temperature: 6,500 K
    – Total luminous flux: 1029 lumens
    – PAR value: 61 μE/sec/m2
    - 5 white Cree® XB-D-LEDs

    SunaECO 600 Marine White
    - Dimensions: 468 mm x 54 mm x 28 mm (LxWxH)
    – Weight: 0.45 kg
    – Power: 12 W
    – Dispersion angle: 120°
    – Color temperature: 14,000 K
    – Total luminous flux: 864 lumens
    – PAR value: 50 μE/sec/m2
    - 6 white Cree® ML-E-LEDs
    – 2 blue Cree® ML-E-LEDs

  4. Item                                             Art-N°

    single pack:
    SunaECO 600 Tropic                            69048

    SunaECO 600 Marine White                 69044

    double pack:   
    SunaECO 600 Duo Tropic                     69058

    SunaECO 600 Duo Marine White          69054