Professional Lab

  1. Features:

    For high-precision determination of vital water values in marine aquariums

    The Test-Set Tropic Marin® Professional Lab contains the most important tests for the highly precise determination of water values. The carbonate hardness, phosphate concentration, nitrite and nitrate content as well as the calcium and magnesium concentrations of the water have a decisive influence on the well-being of fish and invertebrates in saltwater aquariums. With this test set all these values can be controlled. In addition, the Multi and NP standards contain two reference solutions for checking the tests.The components of the individual tests are well sorted in the case, so that mix-ups are avoided. For quick and safe execution, each instruction manual for the individual parameters also contains a short illustrated manual.

  2. Benefits:

    For the determination of the vital water values in saltwater aquariums with a set in a stable and handy case
    With calcium/magnesium-test professional for approx. 50 applications
    With KH/alkalinity-test professional for approx. 50 applications
    With phosphate-test professional for approx. 50 applications
    With nitrite/nitrate-test professional for approx. 50 applications
  3. How to use:

    The instructions for use of each test can be found here:

    Calcium/Magnesium-Test Professional

    KH/Alkalinity-Test Professional

    Phosphate-Test Professional

    Nitrite/Nitrate-Test Professional



    As soon as reagents are exhausted, the Professional Lab can be refilled easily and economically with the Tropic Marin® Refill Packs of the individual tests according to individual requirements.

  4. Item


    Professional Lab 28600