1. Features:

    For the prevention of mineral deficiency and for increasing the resilience of fish.

    Tropic Marin® PRO-DISCUS MINERAL supplies necessary minerals to aquarium water in a balanced mix of active components and trace elements, in which discus fish in particular feel at home. When breeding, the willingness to spawn is enhanced considerable; the tendency to fungal infection is significantly lowered. The use of PRO-DISCUS MINERAL also helps prevent shortened gill covers and stunted fins as well as delayed growth in young fish. For adding salt to osmosis water or for a direct addition to fish tanks.

  2. Benefits:

    Enhances the resistance against disease and damage to the skeletal structure and generally improves the willingness to spawn for young fish and brood stock
    Improves the supply of necessary minerals due to the balanced mixture of active substances and trace elements
    For hardness increase of reverse osmosis water or for direct addition in the aquarium
    Healthier fish and fry
    Less fungal growth
    Increased spawning activity
    Without sodium chloride (NaCl)
  3. How to use:

    Use the spatula provided to wipe over the spoon and level the powder. Sprinkle one measuring spoonful onto the surface of the surface of the water while stirring the water. Wait for each spoonful to dissolve before adding more PRO-DISCUS MINERAL.

    Dosage – Add one level measuring spoon for each:
    Reverse osmosis water:                                        1 scoop for each 40 l / 10 US gal.
    Soft tap water (up to 5° dKH total hardness):       1 scoop for each 100 l / 25 US gal.
    Normal tap water (6°-12°dKH total hardness):    1 scoop for each 150 l / 35 US gal.
    Hard tap water (over 12° dKH total hardness):    1 scoop for each 200 l / 50 US gal.

  4. Size                                                     Art-N°

    250 g / 9 oz. can                                            21002

    500 g / 18 oz. can                                          21012

    1800 g / 4 lbs. can                                         21022