1. Features:

    Sodium chloride-(NaCl-) free sea salt for applications in freshwater aquaria to prevent deficiency diseases.

    Tropical waters often have low electric conductivity, i.e. a low volume of dissolved minerals. Despite this, the fish display no signs of deficiency, as adequate quantities of the minerals that the fish require are delivered continuously via the currents. In the closed system of a fresh water aquarium, the concentrations of minerals and trace elements are quickly depleted leading to deficiency diseases and physical deformities.

    The regular use of Tropic Marin® PRO-SPECIAL MINERAL replenishes these compounds through the use of its balanced formula of minerals, trace elements and buffering compounds without the addition of excess sodium chloride.

  2. Benefits:

    Sodium chloride-(NaCl-) free sea salt to prevent deficiency diseases
    Contains a balanced formula of minerals, trace elements and buffering compounds
    Promotes health and growth of fish
    Protects against diseases and physical deformities
  3. How to use:

    Dissolve the necessary amount of PRO-SPECIAL MINERAL in water (5 level measuring scoops per 1 liter/35 fl. oz. at maximum). Add this solution to the aquarium or to make up water while monitoring the conductivity of the aquarium water. Continue adding solution until the desired conductivity is reached.

    The type of fish populating the aquarium will determine the optimal conductivity. This variation exists due to the range of conductivity found in tropical waters from around the world. Some examples are listed below.

    1 scoop PRO SPECIAL MINERAL dissolved in 50 l / 13 US-Gal. of reverse osmosis water, results a conductivity of about 150 μS/cm.

    Examples of conductivities:
    South American rivers      100-300 µS/cm
    African lakes                     400-600 µS/cm
    Mixed community              300-500 µS/cm

  4. Size                                             Art-N°

    1800 g / 4 lbs. can                                 25202

    5000 g / 11 lbs. bucket                           25211