1. Features:

    To safely reduce alkalinity while simultaneously increasing the calcium level

    Natural alkalinity and calcium concentrations are of special importance to ensure optimum growth and well-being of many invertebrates and calcareous algae in an aquarium. In many reef aquaria an increase of alkalinity and a decrease of calcium often occur. This may result in breakdown and increased carbon dioxide consumption in calcium reactors, with calcium content subsequently sinking below the natural level. The further addition of calcium exacerbates the situation. Sensitive stony corals may even die.

    With Tropic Marin® ALCA-BALANCE, the alkalinity can be easily reduced while the calcium concentration can be raised to a natural level simultaneously. The optimal values of 6° to 9° dKH and 400 to 440 mg/l calcium are easily achieved with Tropic Marin® ALCA-BALANCE.

  2. Benefits:

    To safely reduce alkalinity while simultaneously increasing the calcium level
    Reduction of lime scale deposits on equipment
    Optimization of use of calcium and calcium reactors
    Improvement in conditions
  3. How to use:

    One level measuring spoon (0.14 ounces/ 4 g) for each 25 US-gallons/100 l aquarium water equals a reduction of alkalinity of about 1,5° dKH or a rise in the calcium concentration by 10 ppm. With a reduction of the alkalinity, the corals and calcareous algae will utilize calcium effectively.

    Maximum recommended dosage is two level scoops per 25 US-gallons/ 100 l of aquarium water per day.

    ALCA-BALANCE meets all the requirements for calcium. An additional calcium supply is not advantageous and may cause precipitations. A calcium concentration of 400 to 420 ppm and an alkalinity of 6° to 9° dKH are most favorable. After adjusting to these levels we recommend to continue calcium supplementation with Tropic Marin® BIO-CALCIUM or Original Balling Liquid Set. Alkalinity and calcium concentration should be tested with Tropic Marin® test kits on a regular basis.

    For raising the magnesium concentration, use Tropic Marin® BIO-MAGNESIUM, the concentrated magnesium additive.

  4. Size                                                Art-N°

    400 g / 14 oz. can                                    27104