Classic Sea Salt is now available in a 2 kg can

May 2017

Tropic Marin® Sea Salt CLASSIC is now available in a 2 kg (4.4 lbs.) can with a special sealing insert and tamper-evident closure and replaces the 2 kg folding box (not available in the USA). The can offers great advantages in the use of small sub-quantities e.g. for nano tanks by the simple possibility of opening and closing the can as often as required. Due to the special sealing insert, the salt remains protected against moisture even after opening. The tamper-evident closure ensures the direct origin from Tropic Marin® production.

Tropic Marin® Sea Salt CLASSIC is made up of all of the macro elements and trace elements in a natural balance, contained within the ocean, and it is free from artificial additives, nitrates and phosphates. The trace elements remain completely soluble in the mixed crystals. It contains appropriate amounts of bicarbonates which stabilize the aquariums alkalinity and pH.

Tropic Marin® Sea Salt CLASSIC provides the ideal environment for the care of all marine organisms in the aquarium, including even the most sensitive species.