NEW: Potassium-Test for saltwater

August 2017

Potassium is a vitally important macronutrient for all living beings. In particular corals react sensitively to potassium deficiency – One sign of a possible lack of potassium is clear discolouration of corals and retraction of polyps. The potassium level in a saltwater aquarium should be checked regularly to ensure that the level is between 380 and 420 mg/l.

The Tropic Marin® Potassium-Test Professional sets new standards in the determination of the potassium content in saltwater aquariums: by titration, it provides very precise results with a newly developed method in a few simple steps. The determination of a correction value increases the accuracy of the results. The exact procedure is explained step by step and an illustrated Quick Start Guide will help you to carry out the test.

Inhalt Kalium-Test-ProfessionalThe new Tropic Marin® test is now available.