Refill packs available for all Tropic Marin Test kits

August 2017

The new test kits are highly accurate and reliable, as well as easy to handle with an intuitive measurement process. As soon as the reagents of the tests are exhausted, they can be refilled easily and conveniently with the Tropic Marin® Refill Packs (available for each test).

KH-Test Professional
Phosphate-Test Professional
Nitrite/Nitrate-Test Professional
Calcium/Magnesium-Test Professional
Potassium-Test Professional

Each Refill Pack contains a set of reagents for the respective parameter. The necessary glass cuvettes, dosing syringes and color cards can be reused from the depleted tests. Not only resources will be saved, but also the wallet.

As a suitable accessory, Tropic Marin® also offers a special Cuvette Brush for cleaning the test kit glass cuvettes (Art-N° 52050). This means that the short as well as the long cuvettes can be thoroughly and comfortably removed up to the bottom glass of contaminants.