Refill packs available for the new test kit line

April 2017

The innovative Tropic Marin® water analysis program for fresh water and seawater is the result of intensive research – tailored to the requirements of aquarists caring for sensitive aquarium inhabitants. The new test kits are highly accurate and reliable, as well as easy to handle with an intuitive measurement process.

Affordable refill packs are now available for the following test kits: pH value, total hardness, alkalinity, phosphate, nitrite/nitrate, and ammonium/ammonia. Each of them contains a set of reagents for the corresponding parameter. The necessary glass cuvettes, dosing syringes and color cards can be reused from the depleted tests.

NOTE: This refill pack is only compatible with the new Tropic Marin® test kits in the white packaging. DO NOT use it with old Tropic Marin® test kits!