Monitor water parameters easily and more accurately than ever before

February 2017

The innovative Tropic Marin® water analysis program for fresh water and seawater is the result of intensive research – tailored to the requirements of aquarists caring for sensitive aquarium inhabitants. The new test kits are highly accurate and reliable, as well as easy to handle with an intuitive measurement process.

In addition to the test kits for the determination of the essential parameters for pH, total hardness, alkalinity, phosphate, nitrite/nitrate as well as the ammonium/ammonia concentration, there is now also a Professional product line with a higher resolution and even more precise measurement results. This line includes the KH Test Professional, Phosphate Test Professional, Nitrite/Nitrate Test Professional and the Calcium/Magnesium Combitest Professional. These Professional test kits facilitate the tracking of minor fluctuations of the nutrient concentrations in ultralow nutrient system tanks. The PO4 Test Pro and NO2/NO3 Test Pro, for example, come with a high quality color card with a particularly fine gradation in the lower concentration range, a comparator for clear readability of the test result and a standard solution for checking function of the test reagents.

All Tropic Marin® tests include high-quality reagents, glass cuvettes, (milliliter) dosing syringes, an illustrated step-by-step guide, and recommendations for optimizing water levels. So you can always keep an eye on your water values. The new test kits are now available.