New water analysis test set

July 2017

After the successful launch of the new Tropic Marin® test kits, a suitable test set for saltwater aquaria with all tests for the measurement of the essential parameters pH, alkalinity (KH), phosphate (PO4), nitrite/nitrate (NO2/NO3) and ammonium/ammonia (NH4/NH3) is now available: Tropic Marin® Compact Lab.

Compared to the former Expert Test Set, the Compact Lab has been extended by the phosphate test – this now offers the possibility to keep an eye on this nutrient, which is often responsible for algae growth. The practical and extremely compact packaging was again made from cardboard, so that unnecessary plastic elements could be dispensed with. The inset of the reagent bottles are color-coded and can also be used outside the carton for clear storage. For rapid and safe execution, the instructions of use also include an illustrated quick start guide for each parameter.

Einsatz Compact Lab

As soon as reagents are exhausted, the Compact Lab can be refilled easily and economically with the Tropic Marin® Refill Packs of the individual tests according to individual requirements.