New: SYN-BIOTIC Sea Salt now available as 4 kg/8.8 lbs. box

April 2017

Tropic Marin® Syn-Biotic Sea Salt contains probiotic bacteria for fish and shrimp and special prebiotic bacteria food to promote probiotic bacterial growth and to create low-nutrient conditions in the aquarium for LPS and SPS corals. The term synbiotic refers to supplements which combining probiotics and prebiotics in a form of synergism.

The sea salt is ideal when you are setting up a new tank and every time you expand the tank’s stock. It has been proven that probiotic bacteria help to overcome stress and disease while enhancing the health and well-being of fish and crustaceans. For the best results, the aquarium should have a water change with Syn-Biotic Sea Salt prior to any new stock being introduced.

For the smaller salt requirement, e.g. in nano aquariums the Tropic Marin® Syn-Biotic Sea Salt is now also available in a 4 kg / 8.8 lbs. box. Use the dosing calculator for an easy determination of the required amount of salt for your aquarium.