Bio-Calcium & Balling products have improved formulas

March 2017

Tropic Marin’s range of calcium supplements has steadily grown in recent years. Continuous developmental work allows us to renew products with improved formulas.

One of the most important and well-known Tropic Marin® products, the classic Bio-Calcium, is now also part of the BIO-ACTIF-SYSTEM with a small added increase in pH. The formulas for liquid products for the application of the Balling method have also been optimized. Due to the formula change, All Bio-Calcium ACTIF products are no longer necessary. The proven Tropic Marin® products for the calcium supply remain:

Bio-Calcium Add directly into the aquarium – without prior dissolution. With improved formula also suitable for the BIO-ACTIF-SYSTEM.
Original Balling Liquid Set 1 liter / 33.8 fl.oz. of all three parts A, B and C as a readymade liquid solution in one set.
Original Balling Refill Set Refill Set for dissolving in water WITHOUT WEIGHING for each 5 l / 1.32 US-gal. solution – simple and suitable.
Original Balling Components   Single components A, B and C in 1 kg / 35.3 oz. packages for dissolving in water to allow an independent dosage of calcium and carbonates. Also available as set (3 x 1 kg).

All Bio-Calcium ACTIF products have been discontinued.

In addition to the improved formulations, all Tropic Marin® calcium products now appear unified with our new packaging design with classic illustrations. The QR code contained on the packaging leads directly to the corresponding products on the product information page on There you can find all information on the product, in particular the application & dosage as well as a suitable dosing calculator – also available for smartphones or tablets.

An illustrated overview of the new calcium supply program can be found here.