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A Tropic Marin Tank (26): Comfortable with LPS Corals

A true joy of being a reef keeper, is the relaxed and tranquil movement of fleshy and meaty corals in the current. Even more alluring is the fact that these corals are very easy to keep in a reef tank. There are some pointers to be mindful for their care though.

As long as the flow allows them to fully open, and not get damaged from the pressure they are able to adapt to most conditions. Even more intense light. They have a lot of tissue, and that tissue requires nutrients. Luckily, even if you have too much nutrients in the aquarium, the LPS corals shouldn't alter their appearance or growth too much. Should your nutrients go too low, and your LPS corals go ghostly pale, you should add some Tropic Marin Amino-Organic and Tropic Marin Phos-Feed to let the corals regain their health.

The photos show my favourite LPS corals. Micromussa lords, hammer and frogspawns. The micromussa looks like jelly and the hammers and frogspawn just look otherwordly. Always amazing to look at. - Samuel Christensen

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