LED Modules

SunaECO LED modules are perfect for taking the first steps into state-of-the-art LED technology. Individual modules of the SunaECO modular system feature different shapes, capacities, and light colors. Various combinations of individual modules are possible and the convenient fasteners of the optional MMS accessories (Modular Mounting System) can be used to configure several installation options. You will be able to illuminate your aquarium using different colors of light according to your personal preferences. Changes can be made in a few easy steps. The lighting can be reinforced at any time by adding additional modules, or it can be adapted to new aquarium conditions.

With these SunaECO modules, you can not only reduce the power consumption but also the loss of energy, due to the low operating temperature. The water temperature will barely increase, so that there is no need for noisy cooling motors and fans. Significant shimmering light reflections create a vivid natural light in in your aquarium.

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Freshwater Seawater
SunaECO 600 SunaECO 600
SunaECO 1000 SunaECO NUV
SunaECO 1500 SunaECO 1500

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