The water analytics program from Tropic Marin® is the result of in-depth research and it is tailored to meet the requirements of sophisticated aquarists. The test kits are particularly accurate and reliable, which has been proven by comprehensive experimentation. Tropic Marin® was among the first manufacturers to introduce and indicate an expiration date for its products. Tropic Marin® tests are easily and quickly performed. They include glass cuvettes (micro-liter) dosing syringes and recommendations relevant to the optimization of water values. In addition, highly-precise, hand-made instruments developed under strict quality-controlled conditions for laboratory use allow reliable monitoring of water temperature and salinity. This enables you to keep an eye on water values at all times.

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pH-Test • KH/Alkalinity-Test Professional
KH/Alkalinity-Test • Phosphate-Test Professional
Phosphate-Test • Nitrite/Nitrate-Test Professional
• Nitrite/Nitrate-Test Calcium/Magnesium-Test Professional
• Ammonium/Ammonia-Test Potassium-Test Professional
Compact Lab Professional Lab  new!
Multi-Standard NP-Standard
Hydrometer Measuring Cylinder for Hydrometer
Thermometer Lime Wood Air Diffuser