• Tropic Marin® is now in social media

    June 2018

    Tropic Marin® is now also on the social networks on the move, offering information and films about products and the company, exchanges with other aquarists and employees and much more. Facebook                    Instagram                    YouTube   [more]

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  • NEW: Basic Care 02 Set (limited Edition)

    June 2018

    Everything you need for your aquarium in one set. You get Pro-Reef Sea Salt, Reef Actif as nutrition for bacteria, which are in Nitribiotic. All-For-Reef as a supplement of minerals and a Compact Lab for measuring all the  important data. There is also a little present in it.   [more]

  • NEW: Potassium-Test for saltwater

    August 2017

    After intensive research in the Tropic Marin® laboratory, the new Tropic Marin® Potassium Test “K+ Pro” is now available.   [more]

    Kalium/Potassium Test Professional
  • Refill packs available for all Tropic Marin Test kits

    August 2017

    The low-cost Refill Packs are now available for every Tropic Marin test kit. Each of them contains a set of reagents of the corresponding test kit.   [more]

  • New water analysis test set

    July 2017

    Available now: Compact Lab for saltwater aquaria with all tests for the measurement of the essential parameters pH, alkalinity, phosphate, nitrite/nitrate and ammonium/ammonia.   [more]

    Tropic Marin Compact Lab
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