• NEW: Multi-Standard & NP-Standard

    November 2018

    Reference solutions for test kits. To verify the accuracy of test kit and determine a correction factor to continue using the test. NP-Standard: For checking nitrate and phosphate tests. Multi-Standard: For checking calcium, magnesium, alkalinity and potassium tests. Useable with all Tropic Marin® test kits, as well as all common tests.   [more]

  • NEW: Phytonic

    July 2018

    Phytonic is a balanced phytoplankton substitute for all micro filter feeders supplying amino acids, highly unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins. In a gentle process, the nutrients are processed without heating, ensuring that all vitamins and vital substances are preserved. It can also be easily dosed with any dosing pump. Phytonic is stable with no need […]   [more]

  • Tropic Marin® is now in social media

    June 2018

    Tropic Marin® is now also on the social networks on the move, offering information and films about products and the company, exchanges with other aquarists and employees and much more. Facebook                    Instagram                    YouTube   [more]

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  • NEW: Basic Care 02 Set (limited Edition)

    June 2018

    Everything you need for your aquarium in one set. You get Pro-Reef Sea Salt, Reef Actif as nutrition for bacteria, which are in Nitribiotic. All-For-Reef as a supplement of minerals and a Compact Lab for measuring all the  important data. There is also a little present in it.   [more]

  • Refill packs available for all Tropic Marin Test kits

    August 2017

    The low-cost Refill Packs are now available for every Tropic Marin test kit. Each of them contains a set of reagents of the corresponding test kit.   [more]

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