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O-Megavital CBD

...November 2023

High-energy granular food with CBD

Tropic Marin® O-Megavital CBD makes the positive effects of CBD (cannabidiol) for marine fish available in high-quality granular food.


The cannabinoid CBD, which is contained in hemp plants, curbs aggressive behaviour and has positive physiological functions in fish. Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects improve the regenerative capacity, reduce signs of ageing and lead to a longer life expectancy.

CBD has no intoxicating effect and does not lead to addictive behaviour.


In nature, fish can select the tastiest and healthiest nutrition for themselves from a wide variety. Therefore, discerning seawater fish in the aquarium require high-quality feed which supplies a healthy balance of nutrients and vitamins.


Tropic Marin® O-Megavital CBD is a granulate feed made of high-quality Scandinavian wild fish and valuable marine algae. Thanks to the particularly gentle production methods, vitamins, polyunsaturated fatty acids and the natural taste of the feed remain intact. The seaweed portion of Tropic Marin® O-Megavital CBD covers the fish’s iodine and trace element requirements and promotes natural intestinal flora. The fish remain energetic and show off all their beauty and colourfulness. The use of selected fish oils covers the energy requirements of the fish and optimises the metabolism without producing harmful breakdown products such as ammonium. The granulate remains stable for a long time and sinks slowly, meaning the fish at different depths also receive an ample supply.

O-Megavital CBD 75g (#24882).png

Phos-Start & Phos-Feed

...September 2022

Particulate phosphate supply for your aquarium

Tropic Marin Phos-Start & Phos-Feed are based on the mechanisms of nutrient supply as they occur in the natural environment of coral reefs. Insoluble, particulate excretions from fish or plankton provide the corals with phosphate and all other necessary substances that are responsible for intact microbiology, vigorous coral growth and beautiful colors. Tropic Marin has implemented this knowledge in a new product for the commissioning of reef aquariums.

Tropic Marin Phos-Start can be used for setting up all types of saltwater aquariums, but is particularly suitable for setting up reef aquariums with dead rock or reef ceramics and for reef aquariums without a substrate. Such aquariums have a low supply of organic bacterial food and nutrients to stimulate bacterial and coralline algae growth.

Tropic Marin Phos-Feed can be used for the ongoing phosphate supply in reef aquariums.

Bild Aktuelles - Phos-Start + Phos-Feed.png

Tropic Marin Bottles

 ... March 2022

New bottles for liquid products

We are happy to present our new Tropic Marin® bottles. These are round, have a logo relief on the top and have a number of advantages:

  • The new bottles require less plastic than the previous model and are completely recyclable.

  • Precise dosing: With a dosing insert on the cap, the required amount can be easily measured in the dosing cup that is included.

  • Better availability: In order to avoid delivery bottlenecks and to ensure continuous production, Tropic Marin® is now having its own bottle model made.

  • Faster production: With the new round bottle, we can speed up production and thus prevent delivery bottlenecks.



The bottling of the liquid products is gradually being switched over to the new bottles. The first varieties will be available in stores shortly.

Bild Aktuelles - Flaschen.png

Sea Salt in box

... May 2021

Our sea salt in ecological packaging with a practical carrying handle

Our four types of salt are now available in practical boxes. The 12.5 kg carton has a handle for easy carrying, the 20 kg carton has handle holes on the sides.

By using cardboard packaging, we can save a large amount of plastic. The salt is still packed to protect it from the weather. (Of course our buckets are still available.)

Bild Aktuelles - Salz Kartons.png

New Products

... July 2020

Our new products this year

Unfortunately, the Interzoo could not take place this year, but we would still like to present our new products:

Amino Organic: Amino acids and nitrogen compounds as important coral nutrients

Coral Clean: Iodine cleaning bath for corals

Pro Tect: Protecting the mucous membrane of fish and improving water quality

Professional Lab: Test set in a handy and sturdy case for professional determination of the most important water values in marine aquariums

All For Reef Powder: Complete supply for the saltwater aquarium - now also in powder form

There is also our proven Pro Reef Sea Salt now also in an ecological box with handle.

Bild Aktuelles - neue Produkte 2020.png
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