May 2021...


Sea Salts in Box


From now on, our four types of salt are available in a practical carton. The 12.5 kg carton has a handle for easy carrying, the 20 kg carton has grip holes on the sides.

April 2021...


New production site in Turkey


During the past eight months, Tropic Marin has been hard at work, establishing a production company and laboratory for quality assurance in Turkey. The German-Turkish team, under the management of Tropic Marin, produces Tropic Marin product with the same pure raw materials and under identical quality control procedures as in our German facilities. Each batch is checked using ICP-OES in the Tropic Marin laboratory. The first 20 containers of Tropic Marin salt were shipped at the beginning of the year and are already in numerous aquariums around the world. We are extremely pleased to have expanded our production capacity, to these high quality control standards, with our Turkish partners.

July 2020...


Our proven Sea Salt in a new ecological packaging with practical carrying handle


Tropic Marin® Pro-Reef Sea Salt has been designed to meet the special requirements of reef aquariums with optimized concentrations of calcium and magnesium, which promote the growth of corals. The natural sea water alkalinity and the correct pH value serve to stabilize the natural water parameters. Natural and stable conditions for delicate marine life are achieved only by accurately balancing all minerals and trace elements.

Tropic Marin® Pro-Reef is the ideal foundation for the care and growth of fish, corals and other aquatic invertebrates in modern reef aquariums.

July 2020...


Professional Lab


Water testing kit, in a durable case, for the detailed determination of the most important parameters in the salt water aquarium

The high-precision professional water tests of Tropic Marin® are now available as a set in a handy and stable case. With the Tropic Marin® Professional Lab the following water values can be determined professionally: Calcium, magnesium, carbonate hardness, nitrite, nitrate and phosphate. Reference solutions for checking the reagents are also included. The individual tests and their accessories are well sorted and labelled in the case so that no mix-ups can occur. Refill packs can be purchased for used tests, so that nothing stands in the way of long use.

July 2020...


Coral Clean


Cleaning iodine dip for corals

New corals often have unwanted epiphytes, parasites, adhesions and impurities and are weakened by transport. To maintain the natural vitality of corals and prevent the introduction of these troublesome hitchhikers, use Tropic Marin® Coral Clean before introducing new corals to the aquarium. A preventive treatment of all newly purchased corals (stony and soft corals) in Tropic Marin® Coral Clean helps to neutralize harmful compounds, preventing contamination of the aquarium. In contrast to other iodine dips for corals, Tropic Marin® Coral Clean contains no phosphates and has the natural pH value of sea water.

July 2020...




Protection of the mucous membrane of fish and improvement of water quality

Tropic Marin® Pro-Tect contains colloids which protect the mucosa of fish from pollutants and promote the regeneration of damaged mucosa. These protective colloids also increase water quality by binding toxic heavy metals and converting them into non-toxic compounds. By adding Tropic Marin® Pro-Tect the water quality improves.

July 2020...




Important Coral Nutrients: Amino Acids and Nitrogen Compounds

Phosphate is absorbed from the water due to the resulting increase in growth following amino-acid supplementation. This results in a natural reduction of the phosphate concentration in the water column. These near-natural conditions lead to the animals exhibiting more plump and full polyp extension, and showing more vibrant colors. Pale or brownish corals are often caused by a too low concentration of easily digestible nitrogen compounds. Tropic Marin® Amino-Organic contains amino acids and other organic nitrogen compounds that stimulate the growth and color of soft and hard corals, as well as disc anemones and zoanthids.

July 2020...


All-For-Reef Powder


Calcium, alkalinity, magnesium & trace elements

Powdered concentrated form of the popular All-For-Reef! Just like its liquid version, it supplies all important components as calcium, alkalinity, magnesium and trace elements for the reef aquarium. This new powdered form makes it more economical for use in even large reef aquariums.

July 2020...


New Products


We are presenting our new products this year:

Amino-Organic: Amino acids and nitrogen compounds as important coral nutrients

Coral Clean: Iodine containing cleaning bath for corals

Pro-Tect: Protection of the mucous membrane of fish and improvement of water quality

Professional Lab: Test set in a handy and stable case for professional determination of the most important water values in marine aquariums

All-For-Reef Powder: Complete supply for the saltwater aquarium – now also in powder form

In addition, our proven Pro-Reef sea salt is now also available in an ecological carton with carrying handle.