1. Features:

    Natural immune stimulant and vitamin B supplement

    Fish in Aquaria are exposed to elevated risk of infection by pathogens, bacteria and germs resulting in the increased likelihood of disease transmission. This often leads to diseases of weakened and stressed fish. If these are diagnosed too late, it may lead to fatalities for the fish and to the spreading of disease in the aquarium. According to latest scientific research, beta-glucan has proven especially effective in the stimulation of the immune system.

    Tropic Marin® IMMUVIT contains beta-glucan of brewer’s yeast in a concentrated form. The natural B-vitamins of Spirulina and brewer’s yeast are an important contribution to the vitamin supply of the fish; they prevent diseases that occur from nutritional deficiencies and stimulate appetite and vitality. The natural astaxanthin of Spirulina increases colouring and fertility of the fish.

  2. Benefits:

    For a natural immune stimulant and as vitamin B supplement
    Activates the immune system of fish with natural beta-glucan
    Prevents from deficiency diseases
    Natural astaxanthin promotes colors and fertility of fish
    Strengthens appetite and vitality of the fish
    Rich in vitamin B
    No risk of overdose
  3. Feeding recommendations:

    We recommend supplementing the fish food with IMMUVIT by 10 % of the dry mass. This is equivalent to three level measuring spoons (smoothened at the wall of the can) to each level teaspoon (5 ml) food granulate or each tablespoon (15 ml) of food flakes or frozen food. Mix IMMUVIT thoroughly with the fish food.

    We recommend also adding Tropic Marin® LIPOVIT or LIPO-GARLIC to promote stress resistance and to complete the vitamin supply of the fish.  It is the ideal complement to IMMUVIT and improves its adhesion to the food.

    Ingredients: Spirulina, natural and extracted brewer’s yeast.

  4. Size                                         Art-N°

    60 g / 2.1 oz. can                            24822