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Clownfish, hard corals, gorgonians, the Great Barrier Reef - do you dream of a piece of tropical paradise in your living room? Make your dream come true!
Today it is possible to experience the fascinating beauty and perfection of the underwater world in home aquariums and to produce a nature-identical sea water with all the necessary trace elements and minerals.

In addition, Tropic Marin® offers the right products for every aquarium - for beginners as well as for experienced reef aquarists. Tropic Marin® ensures the best water conditions, because healthy life can only thrive in a healthy environment.

Biener Quadrat Mineralien SCHRIFT.png
To (re) establish stable, natural conditions, Tropic Marin® offers all the minerals and trace elements necessary for building the limestone skeletons of stony corals. Design the water conditions as your protégés are used to by nature!
Biener Quadrat Ernährung SCHRIFT 10_2020.png
On the one hand, Tropic Marin® offers plankton substitute food specially tailored to the filter feeders in seawater aquariums; on the other hand, high-quality granulated feed and feed additives for enriching and optimizing the food are available for demanding marine fish.
Cerianthus filiformis_WEB.png
Biener Quadrat Nährstoffe 10_2020_SCHRIFT.png
Tropic Marin® enables the water quality to be regulated with specific nutrient products. Harmful substances can be easily and completely removed from the aquarium cycle. The water quality is stabilized in the optimal range.
Biener Quadrat Süßwasser 10_2020_BILD.p
Biener Quadrat Süßwasser 10_2020_SCHRIF
Biener Quadrat Süßwasser 10_2020_STRICH

The world of freshwater fish is fascinating and exciting. Whether East African cichlids, armored catfish or discus fish, each species offers its own facets in terms of shape, color and social behavior. In addition, with aquascaping, ie the design of atmospheric aquarium landscapes, a new and very popular discipline has developed that often produces aesthetic marvels. But as varied as the options for stocking and design are, every ornamental fish, invertebrate and every plant has very special requirements and needs in terms of care. Successful maintenance and breeding of the aquarium inhabitants can only be achieved if these are optimally adapted to the natural living conditions.

Tropic Marin® offers a wide variety of products for optimizing and maintaining water quality in the freshwater sector. Because only in a healthy environment can a healthy life thrive.

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