1. Features:

    For adjusting the pH-value and for optimization of the buffer capacity.

    The stability of the pH-value is of utmost importance for the marine aquarist. Fluctuations in pH-value soon result in stress and illness in aquarium inhabitants, shortening their life expectancy.

    Tropic Marin® TRIPLE-BUFFER will adjust the pH-value rapidly, safely and simply into the recommended range of 8.1 – 8.4. At the same time it raises the alkalinity lowered by precipitation and thereby prevents dangerous fluctuations of the pH-value. In addition, the trace elements that get lost by precipitation and adsorption will be replenished.

  2. Benefits:

    Raises and balances the pH value
    Increases the buffer capacity of the water
    Boosts and stabilizes alkalinity
    Adjusts the level of trace elements
    Increases the pH in the recommended range of 8.1 – 8.4
    Contains only natural ingredients of highest purity
    Without nitrates and phosphates
    Promotes the well-being of all aquarium inhabitants
  3. How to use:

    Add 1 level measuring spoon weekly for each 20 US-gal. / 75 liters of aquarium water. Sprinkle the measuring spoonful directly on the surface of the aquarium water while stirring the water.

    Closely monitor the pH and alkalinity levels of your aquarium water before treating. The recommended range are 8.1 – 8.4 for the pH-value and an alkalinity of 6°-9° dH. In case your measurements show strong deviations from the recommended values (pH less than 7.8 or more than 9.2; alkalinity less than 5° dH), the addition of TRIPLE-BUFFER can be repeated daily until the desired levels of pH and alkalinity are reached.

    Use the new dosing calculator for an easy determination of the required amount of dosage for your aquarium.

    To avoid possible precipitation do not use buffers and calcium supplements at the same time.

  4. Size                                        Art-N°

    250 g / 9 oz. can                             27002

    1800 g / 4 lbs. can                          27052