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A Tropic Marin Tank (1): The Aquarium

Welcome to the blog about this reef aquarium. This blog will cover what equipment and Tropic Marin products are used to maintain a coral reef. Coral care, product descriptions, aquarium issues, including parasites, will be covered. The aquarium is maintained by Samuel Christensen. Every choice made regarding the care for the corals, is made with careful discussions and sharing of knowledge between Samuel Christensen and the Tropic Marin team, including Hans-Werner Balling, Lou Ekus, Samuel Nietzer, Leonardo den Breejen and Alexander Bonanno.

A dream team of aquarists.

The aquarium itself is an AquaPerfekt reef tank. Which comes with an LED lighting fixture and a dreambox sump. Luxury equipment. Even the silicone seems are covered with glass. The overflow is extra large and made as a cut in the glass. No weirs or combs are needed on this.

The dreambox sump comes with a protein skimmer, a fleece filter roller and a return pump. It is everything we could possibly need, to keep the water clean and oxygen rich for the corals.

The vision for the aquarium is a mixed reef with great movement and colorful corals throughout. Follow along on this blog to see how it progresses towards that goal.

Thanks for reading this first post. Next post will be about the rocks and the aquascape and then the topic is a major one: the tank cycle. - Samuel Christensen

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