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A Tropic Marin Tank (11): Adding New Animals - Part 2

The most addictive part of this hobby must surely be buying and adding new corals. What a thrill!

This Tropic Marin tank will be a mixed reef, meaning it will have a large variety of corals. This specific shipment was very heavy in LPS coral. Four chalices and three favia/favites make the bulk of it. Colorful encrusting and plating corals which will love the higher nutrients in the Tropic Marin Tank.

The corals will be dipped for pests and bacterial infections. Both can be handled by the Tropic Marin Coral Clean. This product is a iodine solution which is mixed into saltwater (in an extra container) in 1:100 ratio. This is really easy, since that means you just add 1 ml per 100 ml saltwater. No need to count the drops with this product.

After the dip is prepared and mixed, the corals are added and soak up to 15 minutes in the dip. Then they are shaken clean and rinsed in saltwater. Then the corals are ready to be added to the aquarium, clean as can be. Next week, we will buy some acropora and add to the aquarium. We hope you are enjoying 2023 so far! -Samuel Christensen

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