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A Tropic Marin Tank (12): Adding New Animals - Part 3

As a coral enthusiast, nothing thrills me more than buying some new sticks for a new aquarium.

I made an order of SPS corals from my good friend Leo.

This might be a bit tricky or even risky to do since the aquarium, up to this point, has been LPS dominated. Euphyllia and goniopora corals dominate the scape. So the aquarium is finetuned for lower energy corals, but I still want some high energy corals like these acros at the top. We will try it and see what happens. The corals are for sure beautiful.

The corals were packed in specimen cups, which made sure they didn't receive any damage during shipping.

The corals are palced at the bottom of the aquarium for observation and mandatory drooling over. I know I can't keep acroporas as well as Leo can, but I can certainly try! -Samuel Christensen

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