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A Tropic Marin Tank (13): More coral growth and new pieces

The corals are showing great signs of growth over the summer. The goniopora especially experience massive growth and tentacle expansion. For some reason the LPS are really loving the conditions at this point, while the SPS are taking a while to grow keen to it.

Frogspawn are some of my favourite corals, and luckily I could find two color morphs I didn't already have. A small addiction and collector's mentality is forming at this point. A euphyllia garden is a must at this point.

I also found a cheap elegance coral. I always steered away from elegance's since they can grow so large, and I used to only keep nano tanks. Excited to see what this guy turns in to.

The acanthastrea pachysepta is also growing nicely. It's not often I see larger pieces of this. Maybe it's because it can kill and devour any coral that touches it? In a matter of hours even. This coral has been rather expensive for me up to this point. Soon the lighting will need an upgrade, to truly keep mixed reef conditions with acroporas at the top and healthy LPS at the bottom. Stay tuned to see what light I chose. - Samuel Christensen

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