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A Tropic Marin Tank (14): Upgrading the light

About 6 months into the tank's life, I decided to upgrade the lighting system. The Aquaperfekt light that came with the tank is a wonderful and awesome light. I just really wanted a hybrid light. I need that T5 look. Especially in a proper display tank.

Luckily, Giesemann offers some great hybrid lights. And only the best would be good enough for this tank, so the choice fell on the Aurora V8. It fits the tank perfectly!

This light has three LED clusters in the center. These are powerful and would alone be enough to grow the corals in this size tank. The LED's are flanked by three T5 tubes on both sides. This gives a very healthy and homogenous light.

Combine great light with great water and you will get great results in your corals. Even cooler, with this light, I can actually work in the aquarium much better and easier than before. This will have a great return of investment down the line, when the aquarium gets older, and maintenance gets more dull and repetetitive. Anything that helps make it easier is worth considering. Happy reefing. -Samuel Christensen

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