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A Tropic Marin Tank (15): Reef Automation

One of the selling points of the Tropic Marin method and products, that got me hooked and interested in Tropic Marin to begin with, is just how easy it is to dose the three major elements with Tropic Marin All-For-Reef.

Before, I would dose separate powders by the spoonfulls according to testing with poor equipment. Needless to say, I only experienced real succes when I started on Tropic Marin products. Even succes with acropora.

With a single bottle of Tropic Marin All-For-Reef, I could now dose all my nano tanks in a matter of seconds. Only a weekly test of dKH/alkalinity was needed and I didn't even have to pour the liquid into another container. The bottle had a dosing section.

A result of this method and dilligent manual work, is me not liking automation very much, except for the lights and heating of course. This is why the only automation on this Tropic Marin tank is the dosing pump. And this was added just to reassure people than manual dosing is not a requirement. I manually dose my four other reef tanks daily still, so it's not to make it easier on myself. In fact, now I can forget to check the dosing container, the dosing tubes and it even needs calibration! It's more troublesome now I think. The filter roller is not used either and there is no ATO system on the tank, I do that manually. And the reef is thriving still, so if you are wondering if you need to buy equipment that automates in order to keep a reef, I can safely say it's not needed.

I hope this can help people who are scared to start a reef tank. You can keep a reef tank thriving with just a few minutes of work a day. Are you interested in seeing some nano tanks kept this way? - Samuel Christensen

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