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A Tropic Marin Tank (16): Large corals are hungry! - Part 1

As the corals keep growing and more and more are added, coral nutrition becomes an interesting talking point. The next few posts will be about coral food. At this point in time, the tank is really finding itself. The goniopora is growing nicely and extending far and the frogspawn corals are showing thick and sturdy tentacles.

The nutrients are at this time as follows; nitrates are at about 1-2 mg/l and the phosphate is kept at 0.2 mg/l. It is obvious the corals really like this nutrient level, their color is rich and the tissue is full.

The passive feeding of nutrients from the water chemistry is fine and well, but we can really help the corals with some more active feeding programs. Tropic Marin offers several ways to do this.

Follow along as the different methods and products are described. Please look forward to it!

-Samuel Christensen

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