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A Tropic Marin Tank (19): Coral feeding with Amino-Organic

Next in the coral feeding series, let's talk about Tropic Marin Amino-Organic.

This product is a game changer really. In the Tropic Marin tank, low nitrate values is wanted. The difficulty with this is making sure, that there is enough organic nitrogen present still. This is how Tropic Marin Amino-Organic is used in this tank.

The product is dosed whenever the corals should look a bit pale. The extra nitrogen, which is added in a digestible way, enchances the coral by helping it utilize the phosphates present in the water. This ensures a rich coral color while the NO3 is low.

Please, be sure to follow the instructions. There are some requirements you should consider before using it. I always keep some ready at hand, which I can dose at a moments notice.

Have you tried this product yet? We would love to hear your feedback. - Samuel Christensen

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