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A Tropic Marin Tank (21): Coral feeding with Zootonic

Next on the list of coral foods is Tropic Marin Zootonic. This is a liquid coral food, suitable for both manual and automatic dosing for ease of use. It is not suited for target dosing like the dry foods are.

This food resembles actual zooplankton in the wild, and the crustaceans inside are of a similar size, so the corals can easily catch and ingest it.

When dosing this food, you will observe corals reacting to the food and loving it. Be careful not to overdose it though, it is very concentrated. Please follow the recommendations.

In periods of time where I am too busy to take proper care of my reefs and defrost foods or mix up the dry foods, I use this food for the corals. It's super quick to just pump the dosage into the water. Small investment of time but a large return in coral health. Have you tried this food? - Samuel Christensen

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