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A Tropic Marin Tank (23): Using Reef Actif

Tropic Marin Reef-Actif is a product designed to be multi-talented. It’s a gentle carbon source of marine origins. When mixed with water and added to the reef tank, miraculous things happen.

Tropic Marin Reef-Actif binds itself to pollutants and nutrients. Then what happens is that specialized marine organisms break down the carbon and the bound materials. This causes the pollutants to be degraded and the nutrients to be used by the organisms. These organisms, mainly bacteria, are then available to the reef inhabitants as food. The skimmer will also remove them, thus reducing pollutants and nutrients.

This is a genius concept which is a staple in the Tropic Marin Basic Sets. Tropic Marin Reef-Actif reduces pollutants and nutrients, feeds the corals, optimizes the skimmer and provides great water clarity. This product is the gentlest carbon dosing you can do, and it is independent of what your measured nutrients are, you can use it in all conditions.

I use it weekly on the Tropic Marin tank. My other reef tanks are using Tropic-Marin Syn-Biotic salt, which does a similar effect during water changes. So they don’t get Tropic Marin Reef-Actif. Notice, the reef tank looks cloudy for a short while after dosing, as the product is dissolved. After that, the water becomes particularly clear. Welcome to the world of carbon dosing.

- Samuel Christensen

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