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A Tropic Marin Tank (24): Love the Routine

Keeping a reef requires a lot of work and consideration. Both before the set up, during the set up and after the set up. The hardest part is what comes after the set up. Staying motivated to keep testing the aquarium water, flipping snails back over, regluing corals that fall off the rocks, feeding the fish, removing the algae, emptying the skimmer cup and so on. At some point it can become very tedious and be neglected. This is fine and natural, although not for a long time. Something that helps me keep the routine going, is making an extra effort out of it. I make sure to have coffee ready for the tests, and I find all the items I will need for the chores. Snapping a good photo and sharing it on facebook also helps the motivation. This snapshot is from a Sunday morning. Water tests and a change of carbon was on the To-Do list that morning. And I am glad I did it. - Samuel Christensen

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