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A Tropic Marin Tank (28): Secrets in the reef

One part of reef keeping which fascinates me, is the secretive lives that inhabit the reef tanks. As a biology teacher, I don’t really discriminate between animal lives, which became very obvious when I first got a reef tank. The many different animals that came out of those secretive holes in the rockwork, absolutely caught my attention. I would sit with my nose stuck to the glass at night, just to catch a glimpse of something weird and cool moving about in the sand or on the rocks.

These days I rarely get surprised by small animals in the aquarium. But as the corals grow and fill in, the spaces among them are used by cryptic fish and invertebrates.

This photo shows my striped cardinalfish hiding underneath my euphyllia in a dark zone with blastomussa corals and discosoma corallimorphs.

Do you still look for the secrets in your reef?

- Samuel Christensen

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