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Minimalistic Reefing with Tropic Marin

Last week we covered the dosing of particulate phosphate. But that is not all this simple reef is dosed with. Considering this tank is built with ocean fresh liverock, some precautions should be taken. Firstly, the amount of algae already growing on the rock consumes a lot of nutrients. Secondly, the bacteria population is very dense and some denitrification will occur. Both are reasons as to why the nitrogen supply should be steady and constant into a tank like this. There are just two small fish, and the food they need is nowhere near enough to cover the rock's demand and the coral's growth. Tropic Marin Amino Organic fixes this. The supply of nitrogen compounds is maintained with a single dose every morning. In the evening, the fish are fed, which should supply ammonia for the night. Tropic Marin Amino Organic also contains amino acids, which help the corals use the PO4 supplied by the daily dosing.

- Samuel Christensen

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