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Minimalistic Reefing with Tropic Marin

The nano tank introduced last week is coming along nicely. The liverock are sporuting all kinds of life. And yes, that includes aiptasia and weird algae. But hey, that is part of the appeal. A goal for the tank is to keep it as simple as possible. Daily topping off with freshwater and feeding is the main work it requires. I am only dosing two products into this tank. The first product is for coral and bacteria nutrition. It's the newest product called Tropic Marin Phos-Start. This product mimics nature by supplying particulate phosphates to corals and microbiome and important trace elements. It's perfect for a new tank like this. The water gets a bit cloudy after dosing, as you can see, but a daily dose of this powder will do wonders for the aquarium. - Samuel Christensen

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